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Red‘s creativity produces more than a short term hit.
Her work has the power to stay fresh no matter how often you look at it.

Harald Katzmair, PH.D
Founder and CEO
FAS.research.Inc | FAS.research GesmbHM
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Recently we became involved with Terrafusion, a company that had been providing innovative eco solutions to the construction industry for over 9 years with limited sales. The business needed a new image, packaging and branding, with Tripple Red‘s vision and insight the business has rapidly transformed in the last 6 months into a multi-national business with operations being established in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Ireland, the USA and the Caribbean.

Michael Irving
A & D Limited
International Distributor for Terrafusion
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Red‘s work as a graphic/web designer stands apart as positively unique and visionary. She intuitively taps into the essence of a person or a company and creates a visually stunning and aesthetically compelling identity for both their print and online presence. Red designed my business card, as well as my logo and my website. In each of these projects, she managed to surprise me in the best of all possible ways. I can only speak of Red‘s work in superlatives.

Anja Mutic